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Shock as Zari gropes male sculpture’s genitals. [Photo]



By Bash Mutumba

To many, Zari Hassan has morphed into more than just a socialite over the years, and is now a role model young Ugandan and Tanzanian girls, and Africans in general; look at for inspiration.

The 40-year-old self-proclaimed Boss Lady, who is a mother of 5, and philanthropic entrepreneur; shocked her millions of followers when she groped a male mannequin’s groins, said vulgar things, and posted on her Instagram story for everyone to watch.

“Cause he doesn’t have a dick, Norma.” Said an exuberant Zari, to her girlfriend who constantly asked her what she was doing.

On further questioning on why she was pulling its genitalia by a clearly entertained Norma, Diamond Platnumz’ ex answered in an even more cringeworthy fashion, as she viciously told the statue, “Better have some dick, Nigger.”

You could say it was nothing serious, but in all honesty, such dry humor does not become of some individuals.

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