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Shell Gas refill prices slashed



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Vivo Energy Uganda, has launched its “Shell Gas Refill Nyongeza” slashing Shell Gas refill prices.

By Our Reporter

In order to make cooking gas even more affordable for all, Vivo Energy Uganda has launched a new campaign dubbed “Shell Gas Refill Nyongeza” in which Shell Gas refill prices have been slashed to UGX 44,000, UGX 86,000 and UGX 247,000 for the 6kg, 12kg and 45kg respectively.

Speaking at the launch of the campaign, Moses Kebba, the Marketing Manager at Vivo Energy Uganda said that the campaign is intended to further ease financial strain on loyal customers and reward them for continually selecting the Shell Gas brand as their cooking solution over the years.

With the recent waiver announced by the government on VAT on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) – commonly known as cooking gas, it is anticipated that the public will better embrace the usage of gas as the most ideal and safer cooking solution in their homes, as it will be more affordable in comparison to the past.

“We applaud this move by the government to make cooking gas more affordable for Ugandans especially during this period where the economy has been hit hard with the Coronavirus. As a business, we are committed to supporting our customers in any initiative they undertake to take on more efficient and eco-friendly cooking options, and we encourage them to continue using Shell Gas which is a safer, cleaner and more affordable”, noted Moses Kebba.

Uganda loses an estimated 100,000 hectares of forest cover annually, which is mainly attributed to wood based cooking energy like charcoal and firewood, options that many look at as a cheaper cooking option. The reduction in gas prices therefore presents an opportunity for potential customers to switch from the traditional less environmentally friendly options.

To be able to enjoy these further discounted refill offers on Shell Gas, customers are advised to look out for the Shell Gas refill van in their areas or at different activation points of sale. Shell Gas customers can also enjoy more convenience with our recently introduced free home delivery services for both new purchases and refills across greater Kampala.

Shell Gas refill ‘Nyongeza’ promotion will run until 21st October 2020.

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