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Sheilah Gashumba to James Onen: I don’t Want to Lead a 40 Year Old Bachelor



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By Staff Writer

Ever since James Onen aka Fat Boy returned from Facebook exile, the tables are being shaken day and night.

It is as though he started from where he stopped and even went a notch higher. James Onen took on Sheilah Gashumba this morning with a sarcastic jab.

He shared a video where Frank Gashumba made a case for Sheilah as Uganda’s next president. And thereafter a scene where Sheilah was dancing with her cameltoe on display.

In response; Sheilah asked James Onen to relax his impotent 40 year old self. “I don’t want to lead. I do what I want,” she fired back.

We could be having another world war brewing.

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