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Sheebah: Cindy should surrender the Presidency to King Saha



By BigEyeUg Team

Songstress Sheebah continues to pile support for friend Ssemanda Mansour alias King Saha than fellow female singer Cindy Sanyu for the Uganda Musicians’ Associations (UMA) Presidential seat.

During her interview with a local TV station, Sheebah said that King Saha is more deserving for Presidency than Cindy Sanyu.

Sheebah believes Saha is on ground and can easily unite artists compared to Cindy.

Let us sit down and think about what should move this industry ahead. Because if Cindy is really part of this industry and wishes the best for it, it means she adores to see it moving forward. Then let her leave Saha to rule, a person who can unite musicians,” Sheebah Karungi told Sanyuka TV.

When asked why she didn’t adore to stand on any leadership post in the musicians’ association, Sheebah said that she hates politics.

The self-proclaimed ‘Swag Mama’ instead feels comfort leading in humanitarian work to positively impact the community.

I don’t like politics and everyone knows that. Even me being part of this is because am concerned as a musician. I don’t want to be a leader. Am a natural born leader but not in politics. My desire is to lead in other humanitarian work like improving lives of women and youths,” Sheebah added.

Its still a heated-up race between Cindy and King Saha despite the first elections being cancelled and postponed until further notice.

We will keep you posted

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