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Sex doesn’t keep a man – Lynda Ddane



By BigEyeUg Team

As the Valentines day draws closer, plenty of conversations about love and relationships continue storm social media from both celebrities and their followers.

One of the convos that has sparked attention during the day is from renowned TV presenter Lynda Ddane whose facts about sex in a relationship have left her the public mesmerized.

In one of her latest tweets, the NTV presenter revealed to her fellow women that sex is not a necessity to settle a man in marriage.

Ddane says if it was so, prostitutes would have been the most married on planet.

If sex can make men marry you, all prostitutes would be married. A man stays where he’s well loved, not where he’s well sexed.. Sex doesnt keep a man,” Lynda wrote.

Lynda is one of hot-cake in the media, wetting most of the City men’s pants.

She has overly been linked in different affairs though she always plays null with allegations.

We will keep you posted

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