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SEASON FINALE: The Epic Twende Kazi Journey Ends Tonight.



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Contestants in London.

The epic TwendeKazi finale airs on Citizen TV and NTV Uganda from 8PM tonight. The Tusker bottle that a team of 50 contestants were supposed to deliver has finally arrived in the UK.

This means that the finale of the greatest reality show adventure ever attempted in East Africa will end tonight live on TV.

“We’re holding a Viewing Party at the Carnivore from 5PM. And you can be part of it.” Read a statement on their official facebook page.

Radio & Weasel, Navio, Maurice Kirya, Flavia, Seanice and Bebe Cool have travelled to the UK as the team that has been representing Uganda in the Twende Kazi reality show.

The show is all about reuniting East Africans to show the resilience and spirit of togetherness that makes people great in a relay kind of race to deliver a Tusker bottle to Humphrey Kayange who is in London and misses home.

In the 50-day journey through 8 countries, 25 teams of two take the long and sometimes tough journey through obstacles to find a way to get to London. They have only their strength and charm to get by – no money in their wallets, and must rely on goodwill from strangers. Each team has a time limit to get the Tusker bottle to the next team in the relay; no delays! They do this not to win any race or money, but to show what a great region and people we are.

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