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Simon Base Kalema, better known as SBK took a music break after releasing the hit “Kakookolo” and inspiring Chameleone to sing in the 90s. Last week the star announced that he is back in the music business after getting new management.

The star who has already released a song “Singa Tewali Gwe,” is preparing to shoot a video for his next song that he says will be out in one month. When we caught up with the Fan Factory comedian on the side-lines of the weekly comedy show at National Theatre, SBK confirmed that he had got new management that was ready to support his come-back.

While he was cagy about their identity, our snoops uncovered that he had got a new manager called Dennis Wamala who is now running his affairs. Many Ugandans know SBK as the actor and comedian who appeared in the popular “Gikwase Blue Band” Ad, however, he was a big music star back in the 90s when Uganda’s music industry was only germinating.

Crossing from acting to music is not something we see every day, so we shall be keenly following SBK to see how he fairs.

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