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Samsung’s naughty billboard causes a stir



A Samsung billboard is getting a rise out of people around the world. The advertisement, displayed prominently in Egypt, Pakistan, Kenya and France, features a new take on an old saying, with some highly suggestive results.

As Channel 24 reports, “The original idiom ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ is displayed on a Samsung billboard as ‘The penis, mightier than the finger.’” The pen — or penis — in question may refer to a stylus, which comes with the Galaxy Note. Or maybe it’s just talking about penises.

“The #SamsungTwitterParty is back! Get ready to party the night away come 19th December at Zone 7 with fellow tweeps. Entrance is 15,000shs. Call 0775439894 for details. Great music and drinks.” 

The billboard makes a valid point. Penises can do things fingers can’t, like make babies. Then again, fingers are also pretty good for things like holding a Samsung Galaxy Note, which is probably tough to do with a bunch of penises.

Is the use of the word “penis” just a missing space typo overlooked by Samsung’s marketing department? How about the high level executives who approved the campaign, the media planning agency that bought the billboard space and the people who actually put the billboard up? If that’s the case, Samsung should probably plan on giving out pink slips for Christmas.

Sowetan Live has a different perspective. As the article reports, “What they’re trying to say is that the ‘Galaxy Note pen’ will be great in correcting that mistake – if you were to make it.”  Well. at the very least, the pen would certainly work better to fix it than your genitals.

Thankfully, the world can never have enough penis jokes, though the cocky ad isn’t without its critics. There are plenty of people that would prefer that Samsung not plaster its penis on billboards around the world. Regardless, we hope Samsung keeps it up for a long time.

Source: truTV


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