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Sameer Partners With KCCA To Keep The City Clean



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Today, The Mayor of Rubaga division accompanied by a team from KCCA visited Sameer Agriculture and Livestock the producers of Fresh Dairy and Daima milk products. The visit intended to seal a partnership to jointly clean Kampala city every last Saturday of the month.KCCA and Sameer’s monthly capital city cleanups dubbed “Bulungi Bw’ensi” will kick off on 30th November,2013 at Kasubi Market with the Mrs. Joyce Sebugwawo The Mayor of Rubaga Division spearheading the campaign.

An estimated one kilogram of garbage is generated per person, per day. Kampala has a population of 1.5million people, that’s 1500 tons of garbage produced every single day, 1500 tons of garbage a day that residents are protesting over and 1500 tons a day that has people asking who is responsible. Since the initiative began last year 231 cleanup activities have been held, 3 beautifications, over 12,600 hand tools have been distributed throughout areas of Kampala and over a thousand tons of garbage collected by local volunteers through this great initiative.

Her Worship Mrs. Joyce Sebugwawo said “This initiative has grown quickly and is still growing. We’ve spearheaded a great project and we thank Sameer Group for partnering with us to keep the city clean. We also urge Kampala people to join in this great initiative. In the future we hope to be able to grow this project into one that can unite all of as Kampala City Dwellers. This is a culture we have to foster it doesn’t come easily and needs to happen over time but we at KCCA have made an excellent start and continue to do more work.”

Rooted in the community, KCCA monthly cleaning aims to get local people, organizations, businesses and groups to take action against the litter problems in their area. At the end of every month KCCA cleans a different part of the city with community volunteers collecting items ranging from cans, bottles and food wrappings through to decomposing leaves and clearing the trash filled gutters in the city. Past clean ups have attracted volunteers both young and old and from all walks of life. It is the duty of each one of us to keep our city clean, no matter how small the step we take

“It’s great that the leaders and the community are getting behind KCCA monthly clean ups in such a big way. As an organization Sameer is part of a greater community and just as we take tremendous pride in serving our customers we are also dedicated to the welfare of the communities in which we operate. The campaign at its core is about engagement, taking pride in our communities, taking pride in our capital and committing to keeping it clean, “said Sudhir Mathulla Business Head Sameer Agriculture and Livestock Limited.

The KCCA clean ups and edutainment events are geared towards increasing the spread of environmentally friendly principles and awareness through community engagement and participation.

Displaying Her Worship Mrs.Joyce Sebugwawo poses for a photo with the staff of Sameer Agriculture and Livestock Limited during the visit to the plant..jpg

Her Worship Mrs.Joyce Sebugwawo poses for a photo with the staff of Sameer Agriculture and Livestock Limited during the visit to the plant.


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