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Salam TV launches on GOtv



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Salaam TV launches on GOtv

By Our Reporter

MultiChoice Uganda has added Salam TV to its list of channels showing on its GOtv platform.

While addressing the press at the launch ceremony, Lois Aber Kwikiriza, the Head of Marketing MultiChoice Uganda explained that, “we realized that our brothers and sisters the Muslims needed a channel where they would ably attend prayers or listen and watch the teachings of different spiritual leaders. It is therefore our biggest joy today to launch Salam TV onto our platform for Ugandans countrywide. GOtv’s biggest mandate has been to avail Ugandans with content and programming tailored for the Ugandan audience.” She said.

Karim Kaliisa, the Managing Director at Salam TV appreciated MultiChoice for the deliberate move made to amplify local channels and content. “The MultiChoice agenda is no secret to anyone as we have seen them over time re-echo their agenda in airing content relatable to the Ugandan audience.”

He added, “Salam TV is an entertainment TV from morning to evening. We thank our viewers and everybody who has made us who we are seeing as we are more in the field than in the studio as we deal with the community directly.”

In addition to the launch of the channel onto the GOtv platform, Joan Semanda Kizza, the PR and Communications manager announced the donation of 20 GOtv decoders with a year free subscription to orphanages and mosques.

“We appreciate and recognize the work done by these homes and as such know that this donation will go along way in providing the underprivileged children at the homes with edutainment. With our learning platforms, we are certain that these children will be able to study and learn while they receive rehabilitation.”

Semanda further added that, “Our donation to mosques is to simply support and promote the spread of the word of Allah outside the day-to-day prayers that take place. We know that everyone that visits these mosques will be captured by the programing off channels like Salam TV that day in and out amplify the teachings of Allah for the good of people.”

Salam TV is available on Channel 394.

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