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By Stuart G-khast

In less than a year, club rouge has lost another marketing manager. Word going around town is that Ssekamwa Daniel alias Danny threw in the towel at the Jinja Road based club a few days back.

Danny like he is popularly known could not disclose why he left his seemingly juicy job at Rouge but reliable sources say Daniel resigned because he got a better opportunity at Sheraton Hotel, Boda Boda and the newly opened De-Posh bar in the western town of Mbarara.

It should be noted that just recently club rouge workers have complained of the poor pay and unfavourable working conditions that have been set by the club’s top management.

“It is true I left Club Rouge last week but I am not ready to comment on why I left but I will be informing you when the right time comes,” said Ssekamwa Daniel in one of the interviews.

Last year, Gareth Onyango, their best ever marketier left the club for club venom on the same grounds as Danny has.

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