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Revealed: John Blaq Clashes With Management Over ‘Concert Money’



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By BigEyeUg Team; If you go by this quote “You can’t expect loyalty from your own people who would do anything for money,” it’s really no doubt of what is currently transpiring in singer Kasadha John famously known by stage names John Blaq’s life.

After rumors hitting social media about the singer being nabbed live making away with his manager’s girlfriend, this website thought of developing an exclusive regarding the scandal as it has often been its priority in a number of circumstances.

Following our intensive investigations, it has come to our notice that its actually not brawl over a woman but instead money, which one of the two counterparts has conceded to.

According to a close source, current wrangles in the camp all are oriented around money issues where John Blaq has on several occasions proved discontented with the money shares with his own brothers (managers) off the gross earned money from music performances.

John Blaq

As a result, numerous bloody fights between John Blaq and with his brothers have sparked especially after his successful ‘Tukutagane concert’ in November 2019 where he feels he was cheated by his brothers.

John Blaq also says since the concert, his managers have on various occasions presented unclear financial accounting records to him despite hyping his booking fee closely to Shs.5Million around Kampala.

He further says that his brothers unmasked their dark-modes after signing a new female artist ‘Martha Mukisa’ whom they are planning to name the label’s face girl.

However, his managers have ascertained John Blaq’s current wrangles to have been fueled-up by to his new catch, a female radio presenter formerly working with Radio 4 FM, Kampala.

We will keep you posted as the scandal unfolds!

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