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Remnants all over the world looking forward to Prophet Elvis Mbonye prophesy on honor day today



By Stuart G-Khast

Millions of remnants will today mark another Prophet Mbonye honor day as has been in the past years on every 1st of September. On this day Prophet Elvis Mbonye is expected to prophesy and he surely will do that today.

The virtual celebration has put all remnants all over the world on tenterhooks as they wait to hear what the man of God has seen in the future but one most eagerly anticipated fact is if he will talk about next year’s elections.

Prophet Mbonye is famous with political prophesies as he has scored correctly about the US politics where Joe Biden is head on with President Trump as he predicted much earlier.

The concert that will be virtual on his Facebook live is much anticipated and will start at 7PM and go on for a couple of hours.

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