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Rema on why she stopped posting her love life



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By BigEyeUg Team

Songstress Rema Namakula has opened on why she ceased publicizing her love life especially on social media.

Rema Namakula who was strongly renowned for always sharing captivating photos and videos of cozy moments with her husband Hamza Ssebunya out-of-blue blurred from the doings on social media, leaving her fans and followers perturbed.

During one of her rare TV interview appearances, Rema Namakula revealed that she was shocked upon discovering that her photos together lively with husband Hamza were irritating to many people.

The “Wandiisa Ki” singer also noted that this is when it came to her knowledge that many people bear wicked hearts and can’t stand seeing her and Hamza together.

I used to think that people feel happy to see us together so I used to post our pictures but I later found out that they don’t. Many of them have wicked hearts and they feel bad to see us together. I now decided to keep them for myself and enjoy them alone,” Rema Namakula said.

Rema and Hamza’s marriage ceremonies in 2019 still stand to be unchallenged in the history of Uganda in-terms of costs and honor.

Since their marriage, it was always a grantee to have a clear glimpse at Rema and Hamza’s latest photoshoot especially after public holidays.

In 2021, the couple welcomed a bouncing baby girl Aaliyah Sebunya after a mammoth of criticism from the public and media.

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