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RAP DREAMS: How GNL, Navio Have Stirred A Hip Hop Renaissance.



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By Moses Abeka

When one’s vessel overflows with success and fills young impressionable minds with dreams, then the mentor is on a legendary path in the lives of those they inspire.

Before GNL Zamba and Navio blew up like they did, it seemed every young kid wanted to be that “mad muyaye”, that feared unknown boss everybody was scared of.

Now they all want to be rappers. They can get the girls, respect and cars and they can get it all legally.

As GNL prepares to release the Renaissance album, yours truly visited the slums of Kamwokya, Banda, Ntinda and Mbuya to get that hands on experience of the rap renaissance. Like most ghettos, rap stardom has replaced watching the English Premier League as the dominant activity of the youth.

At Eyo-Joe Studios, in Banda, they come gliding in and out, all afternoon, some spotting dreadlocks, young men in their twenties and teens, checking Facebook and taking snapshots before entering the booth, the goldmine.

Most are flat broke bargaining with producer for discount but dressed in box fresh sneakers and browsing the latest smart phones. They operate with a kind of insecurity-driven hyper confidence bragging and jousting to be the next big star…. “You are a writer? Nigga, you better reco ’nize! I’m comin’ with a whole rhyme technology….my sh*t be gettin’ mad respect on worldwide level…BET..MTV, man! When my debut album busts on air, it will be game over!”

The owner of the studio, Joe, a soft spoken rapper turned producer, can’t get off the phone. A new record label Money banks, will be shooting his first video at the boss’ crib.

The tale is almost the same in every street and ghetto, the street fantasy people are chasing with unswerving faith and dedication, by any means necessary.

In Mbuya, I met Pure Natural at his saloon, listening to his buddy Otrix on radio, his collaboration “oli mbuzi” with Don MC was on a local radio countdown. He bragged saying he is next!

In the same hood, Dove MC, an underground rapper narrated how he gave Don MC his first studio experience and how he used to walk from Mbuya to Rubaga to record a song. Today he is a “the gladiator of Lugwere-flow”. He speaks with optimism that his turn is around the clock.

Pounding the doors of fame are hundreds of them, if not a thousand, embracing the computer age to market their music. “I never disappoint, just check me out on reverbnation…,” is one of the lines they will tell you of their progress.

At the just concluded Bayimba International Festival, a little chat with Nellysade Saint, the lugaflow rapper that sold out his debut album and the Abenganda clan revealed tons about the hustle.

“The kind of music we do is real hip hop. An underground artiste must be original to the art to get respect”, said Nellysade.

You can virtually feel the strong faith they have in their art.

The biggest in the industry did not have it any easier. In “Ani yali’ manyi”, GNL talks about how he did not get paid by his promoter, bargaining for transport to get home. Today, the tale is different; he stands as an icon to those struggling to make it through.

Navio, the most award winning urban act, advises upcoming artistes on his social media pages, telling them not to lose their head in the fame, work hard and not relax at the beginning. ‘Pursue a real career’, is his advice. It is justifiable to say, the two rappers are the new leaders of the youthful revolution.

Unlike the 1990s, hip hop today is much appreciated locally as a viable profession. Urban radio stations have popularised the genre. Website giving such content is double advantage. With many young people engaging in the rap, Uganda will soon experience an explosion of the art.

Renaissance, is adopted from a French to mean ‘re-birth’. It was a cultural movement that spanned from the 14th century to 17th century in Italy and later spreading to the rest of Europe, the era of the industrial revolution, Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelagelo, best referred to as the era of the rebirth of knowledge.

GNL’s album will be released on the 51st Independence anniversary.

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Facebook: moses.abeka24@facebo­ok.com
Email: moses24seven@gmail.c­om

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Fresh Kid tops his class in Third Term Exams



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By Staff Writer
Although he spends most of his time at concerts, this has not stopped Fresh Kid from beating his fellow classmates at Kampala Parents.

At the end of Third Term academic assembly, Fresh Kid was announced as an academic giant having topped his stream.

We have learned that Fresh Daddy is the person behind this academic excellence. “Fresh Daddy ensures that Fresh Kid completes all his homework without fail, he reviews all his school books,”said a source at the school.

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American RnB star, Mya jets in ahead of All Music Safari concert



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Mya arrives at Entebbe airport

By Our Reporter

American RnB singer, Mya has jetted into the country ahead of the Johnnie Walker All Music Safari concert slated for this Saturday at the Lugogo Cricket Oval.

Real names, Mya Marie Harrison, is an American R&B sweetheart who dominated the airwaves during the 90’s and 00’s, the booming days of R&B and Soul.

“I’m excited to be here! This is my first time in Uganda and I can’t wait to live this moment with my Ugandan fans!” Mya shared on arrival at Entebbe airport in the wee hours of  Thursday morning.

The 40-year-old singer was a household name at the turn of the century with tracks like Case of the Ex Love like Wo, Fallen, Take Me There among others that won hearts of many who still party to her timeless music to this day.

Mya will share the stage with local acts like, Kenneth Mugabi, Myko Ouma, Tonny Trumpet, KazKasozi, Black Roots Unlimited and many more taking guests and party animals on an exciting musical safari starring Reggae vibes, jazz, hip-hop, funk and of course the highlight of the night, RnB.


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Richest Uganda Musicians as per 2019



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By Stuart G-Khast

It is always fun to see the list of top 10 Richest Musicians in Uganda

This is an interesting concept, because it proves two things to upcoming and ambitious musicians keep richest Uganda musicians. This is possible to build immense amounts of money as a music artiste. It allows you to grow your wealth and income even more by breaking into Music and becoming an Entrepreneur!

The struggle is real and lots of artists pay their dues and never breakthrough into the mainstream.  If you want to make the leap, get ready to become a marketer on top of writing songs and playing instruments, for example the following top 10 richest musicians in Uganda. Here is the top list of the richest musicians in Uganda.

1.  Bobi Wine


The self styled Ghetto Gladiator is living large.He is the richest musician in Uganda. Here are some of his property. Bobi Wine owns Bukoto based Fire Records, a residential house in Magere and also does farming in Gomba.

Bobi Wine drives an Escalade while he bought his wife Barbie a Range Rover which he also drives some times. He also owns a Land cruiser.

Bobi Wine owns One love beach Busabala.

The ghetto president has some shops and rentals in Kamwokya and land in Wandegeya among other things. He also owns a yatch branded ‘Regal Yacht’. He is also the Member of Parliament of Kyadondo East.

2. Jose Chameleone

The popular Ugandan Afro-Beat musician sings mostly in Luganda, English and Swahili. His music is a perfect blend of Ugandan folk music, Central African Rumba and zouk on a background of reggae. He is also known for his collection of cars. Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes Benz ML 200 super customer convertible and recently a Lamd Cruiser are among his priced possessions.This makes him one of the richest Uganda musicians above all. The singer owns two mansions in Arkright estates and two big farms in Mityana and Masaka.


3. Bebe Cool


He owns a full set sound system (PA) inclusive of a band, lighting and loud speakers that can serve an audience of 20,000 people.  Bebe Cool recently completed his Kiwatule based apartments and is constructing a huge house too.

He owns a hummer valued at USD 40,000 (about Sh 100 million) inclusive of taxes and now acquired a Land Cruiser V8.


4. Ragga Dee.

The veteran singer drives a hummer, owns a Beach located on Lake Victoria, Busabala, has a business dealing in importation of cars and cars for hire. He owns an expensive mansion that works as his home in Makindye Kampala. He is the fourth richest musician in Uganda.

5. Eddy Kenzo

Eddy Kenzo’s multi-million mansion in Seguku Capital Kampala. Kenzo in June 2015 purchased a multi million mansion in the heart of Kampala, Seguku. He owns a Range Rover, Black L Grande car and plots of land in Kampala.

He is the Ambassador of Airtel Uganda. He has toured in more than 30 countries around the world collecting the dollars that he is using to invest in the home country.

7. Mesach Ssemakula

Mesach Semakula is a founding member of Eagles Productions. He owns Kann studio, has several plots of land in Luweero, Kisenyi and Buwaate. He also owns several apartments in Buwaate, Lubowa and Zzana and a big rental flat in Bunamwaya. Mesach is also constructing a flat in Buziga. He makes it to top 10 richest musicians in Uganda.

8. Ronald Mayinja 

 Mayinja is one of  the founding member of Eagles production. Ronald Mayinja owns Roma Hotel, has land in Buziga, two houses in Lukuli Nanganda, Roma Hardware in Kireka and several plots of land. He also owns trucks (mainly Lorries) hired to transport goods. Ronald is among the richest Musicians in Uganda.


 7. Geoffrey Lutaaya


Geofrey Lutaaya, for De New Eagles. Geoffrey Lutaaya is another founding member of Eagles production living a wealthy life. Geoffrey Lutaaya owns a chain of properties. These are; a lavish home in Munyonyo, Durban Motel along Entebbe, Dance Flo bar/club in Nateete and several plots of land.

He is also constructing a hotel along Busabala road in addition to different cars he and his wife Irene Namatovu (also musician with De New Eagles ) own.

9. Grace Nakimera

 One of the best stage performers in Uganda , Grace Nakimera managed to collect a money which she used in investments. She also has inherited wealth and She owns various apartments in the city, she has many agricultural projects on her own land that she owns in Lugazi and in Wakiso. She drives a Prado.

10. Haruna Mubiru

Formerly a member of Eagles production, Haruna Mubiru is now the founder and CEO of Kream production.

He owns a well equipped Kream band, a flat in Kabowa, rentals in Kabowa, and expensive cars.


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