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Rap Battle: Victor Kamenyo takes on Gravity Omutujju this Independence day.



Victor Kamenyo and Gravity Omutujju

Rap Battle: Victor Kamenyo(L) takes on Gravity Omutujju

By Isaac Mites 

On the 9th of October, the date on which Uganda received its independence, we shall witness battle of the most promising Luga-flow rappers – Victor Kamenyo and Gravity Omutujju.

Victor Kamenyo and Gravity Omutujju set their concerts on the same date.

Gravity Omutujju will hold his Omwoto concert at Freedom City along Entebbbe Road while Victor Kamenyo will hold his Silina Amalala concert at Katwe based Mungazirwaza Plaza.

The two rappers who are known to have a striking resemblance in their style of rapping will finally settle the raging debate on who is better than the other as fans decide on who their favorite is. It will be a battle of numbers.

We will keep you posted.

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