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Prophet Elvis Mbonye takes annual honor celebrations to Kenya, remnants rejoice globally



By Reporter

Every 1st of September, remnants and prophet Elvis Mbonye celebrate themselves in mega glamourous parties all over the world even when the prophet hold one recognised celebrations at Zoe grounds. Due to covid-19 restrictions however, they have not been able to converge.

Yesterday, prophet Elvis Mbonye took the celebrations out of the country and flew to neighbors Kenya where he converged masses to celebrate with him.

The event was streaming live for the congregation in Uganda and world over on his Facebook page and YouTube.

Every year has always had a guest appearance and yesterday celebtrated legendary saxophonist, Joseph Saxx entertained the remnants who were in a jolly mood all through the party.

The party took part in Kenya’s Safari Park Lounge and only a few guests were invited.

Here are some moments from yesterday

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