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Prodigal Daughter: How Broke Sheilah Gashumba Ran Back into Father’s Hands



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Like the Prodigal son in the Bible, Sheilah Gashumba had decided to go out flying on her own. Where before she had been subjected to a life of curfew and controlled movements, Sheilah now suddenly had everything to herself. She could sleep wherever she wanted, and have all the joys of the bedroom, screaming out without any fear.

She would go on to assure the world that it was God’s Plan for her to meet a God’s Plan, the man who’d made money as a teenager, teaching bullion vans the art of driving. Then, Sheilah Gashumba showed her ultimate cooking skills. She would later go on to break the internet when she let the lid off the poor pay in the journalism circles. It was the case of a man suddenly telling the whole world that the Pope was single.

Everyone wondered how Uganda’s youngest couple had managed to survive for more than a year. “But when I saw God’s Plan getting active on the internet, when I saw him making it to TV shows, when I saw the two announcing a TV show, I knew the end was near,” Umutoni, a friend to the couple tells us.

“When a frog starts jumping during day, you know its house is on fire. Whenever Uganda’s celebrities begin frequenting TV, be assured they’ve run broke. That’s why it didn’t take another month before Sheilah had run back home, the couple has been struggling. You can’t imagine they’ve even been doing gigs of 50K,” Umutoni adds.

It is alleged that on one bad Friday, as had been characteristic of the couple’s Fridays. Sheilah Gashumba had just solve her last strand of hair just to make some money for the weekend. Then it suddenly hit her, that although home had come with rules, she didn’t have to pay any bill. It’s at this point that the couple decided the journey had come to an end.

“Sheilah would have stayed had God’s Plan not fully run broke. I mean, he was now officially known as Kampala’s mega debtor. May be it’s not easy financing Sheilah’s life. She’s hard to maintain. So God’s Plan had to run for his dear life,” Umutoni confirms to us.

With that in mind, Sheilah now hatched a plan to return home. But she needed to return stronger. And that’s how the idea of a car surprise came in the picture. The car belongs to one of Sheilah’s Uncles. But it was to also send a strong message to God’s Plan that Sheilah was still running back to a more comfortable place. It was to build the story of Grace to Grace.

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