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Pristine introduces liquid eggs



By Our Reporter

Ever cracked an egg getting ready to indulge in its sumptuousness only to find it rotten? Then you have the entire environment tainted with this foul smell like you just discovered a dead rat and suddenly all your appetite vanishes. This makes cracking eggs sometimes feel like treasure hunting because you’re never sure what is on the inside.

Well, the good news is that this does not have to be. With Pristine’s liquid egg, you get to have your whole egg packaged for you in a way that takes away the anxiety and hustle of having to crack so many eggs on your own. Better still, you get the luxury to have the egg white and egg yolk in separate forms if you like.

With Pristine liquid eggs, you also get to explore many ways in which you can prepare eggs such as adding their content as ingredients to spice up your dishes.

Eggs are that element that spices up your baking and cooking leaving you as innovative as possible. They can’t be done away with in the kitchen because it’s no secret that they help tenderize, leaven, emulsify, bind ingredients, add flavor and color to your dishes. Sometimes during cooking, it can be tricky measuring the actual amount of eggs required since each egg is unique has comes in different sizes as well as various volume of its content.

There’s no denying the convenience liquid eggs bring not just to the table but definitely quickening the behind scenes in your kitchen during meal preparation.

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