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“Prison Sex Was Much Better!” Bad Black Reveals Luzira Secrets



Bad Black

By Staff Writer

Shanita is not happy with post prison life. We have been reliably informed that she is yet to make meaning of the word ” freedom” since her release from jail. Bad Black allegedly revealed to her close friends that Luzira was not as bad and black as she expected. The ex convict while at a house party made the revelation after a drink too many. She hosted a private party at a swanky pad but her mind, body and soul was thirsty for some warden sex. She was not only revealing had sex secret but also unveiling her new songs to close friends and making a toast to her new beginning.

” Oba these elections depressed our men! Oba these men of now says can’t just last in bed? Aaaah! My afande in Luzira was really the man”, she shocked every one as she shouted at the top of her voice. She went to reveal how afande would handcuff her, spank her butt with a bantoon before sending her a thousands of miles to the heavens of climax.

” At midnight, he would start shouting, threatening everyone. We would then start banging doors. After words, he dash to my cell and drag me like a dog up to his office. When away from all ears and eyes, he would grab my breasts as I tore off his well presses uniform. I would remove the pips off the shoulders, his symbol of honour and authority. He would tremble. ” Please don’t do anything to my stones, he begged. I would then put it my knicker. And tell him, ” Its yours come pick it” He would not trust me. He would handcuff me. Force me to bend over and massaged his pips off my wet knicker. He was such a stud! His thrusts were glorious, hot like bullets”

As everyone in the room was left speechless, Bad Black whined about the quality of sex outside prison. ” Everything is political. I wore a yellow G String, and the man I hired lost the erection. He limped off till I changed to blue then his willy walked through my Lady parts with swagger. At climax, he screamt Bart Ka..treeeeeeeeebe…Whyyyy!”

Haaa! I want to go back to jail!!

Happy April Fool’s day fools!

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