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Pretty Glo escapes from Rehab



By Staff Writer

Faded musician Pretty Glo has escaped from rehab.

This after good Samaritan and ex-con, Bad Black paid 7 million shillings for her to be looked after following a life of drugs that had reduced her to a common thief.

Glo who was arrested for stealing a phone attracted the sympathy of Bad Black who looked for her contact, gave her a make over, put her in rehab at Africa Retreat Center and paid for everything.

Glo used the bathroom window to escape. We have been told that she locked the bathroom door, broke the window, jumped over the fence and is now at large.

Asked why she had stolen a phone yet she used to be a big celebrity, Glo said she was fending for her sick child.
Pretty Glo who hails from Rwanda had retired to her country last year before she decided to come back and revive her music career only to end up in a bigger ditch career wise.

Her boyfriend, Qute Kaye, also a faded musician was involved in a similar crime last year when he was taken to Police for stealing car parts.

We will keep you posted.

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