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Pr. Wilson Bugembe explains why he is disassociating with “Tuliyambala Engule” song



Pastor Wilson Bugembe

By Our Reporter

When Bobi Wine released his new song titled “Tuliyambala Engule”, it was received with mixed reactions from the public. While some reveled in its message of hope for eventual liberation, others labelled it treasonous.

To further fuel the controversy, some pastors accused Bobi Wine of  plagiarizing a Christian hymn and converting it into a political song which they claimed was blasphemous.

Following the unexpected backlash from the church leaders, singer and Pastor Wilson Bugembe who had also featured on the song came out to publicly disassociate with the song claiming it was an error of judgement on his part. While explaining his role in the song, he said his intention was to portray the church as a pacifier in the tumultuous political environment.

“I am a friend of Bobi Wine as a fellow musician and also a supporter of President Museveni because it is under his regime that we born again Christians have thrived the most. So when I was asked to to be part of the ‘Tuliyambala Engule’ video, I wanted to play the part of peacemaker.” Pr. Bugembe explained while speaking to media on Tuesday. “In my heart I was excited to play peacemaker in the video. I remember when we were shooting the video, Bobi Wine made sure the opposition and the ruling party were all represented with their distinct party colours and my role, wearing my clerical collar, was to unite them.”

“However, when the video came out 70% of it talked entirely about something else. I have been receiving calls from my close friends who are not happy with my appearance in the video because it appears like I am fighting the government. ” He added.

“I feel I was misunderstood and I wish my part in the video could be judged differently. If I had a chance to re-do it allover again, I would not appear in the video.” He concluded.

Meanwhile, the song features other local musicians including King Saha, Irene Ntale, Nubian Lee, Ronald Mayinja and Dr Hilderman. In the song, Bobi Wine talks of how they shall wear the victor’s crown when the struggle against all injustices is finally over.

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