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Pia Pounds narrates how Rema’s fans assaulted her over Kenzo



By BigEyeUg Team

Songbird Tracy Kirabo famously known as Pia Pounds has narrated how she was physically assaulted by singer Rema Namakula’s fans over Eddy Kenzo.

The “Tupaate” crooner says, during her time Big Talent Entertainment label, she was often trolled online by Rema Namakula’s fans, falsifying her to be dating Eddy Kenzo.

Pia Pounds was heedless by the tormentors not until she was attacked and beaten up one day at a night hangout.

She reveals that none of the assaulters’ faces was familiar to her but they all ordered her to let go of Rema Namakula’s husband, Eddy Kenzo.

I was attacked and beaten by unknown people. They ordered me to leave Rema Namakula’s husband Kenzo alone if I wanted my life,” Pia Pounds said.

Pia further says that it was then that she got depressed and Physiologically tortured, forcing her to quit music for some good time.

After that scenario, I was depressed and I felt I couldn’t continue with music anymore and decided to have a music break,” Pia Pounds added.

In 2019, Pia Pounds quit Eddy Kenzo’s camp just a year after her signature and joined ‘African Bureau of Music’ operated by Kenzo’s former official producer, Kusseim.

Musically, Pia resurfaced in 2020 with a new album ‘Tupaate’ that is currently edging song charts around the world.

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