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Photos: Bryan White splashes cash at comedy store.



New money load in town Bryan White last Thursday left the town upside down at the UMA comedy store. The pencil thin tycoon splashed cash at UMA that left every reveler astonished. Bryan White who was in the audience came with loads of raw cash to dispose and surely he proved he was the new Don in town.

He started by splashing cash on Mariachi who left with close to 20 50K notes. Fille was next in line, the female singer did not want to leave stage on learning that Bryan White was in audience and surely she got her share. Bryan White splashes another load of cash. The other beneficiaries of the night were APass, Mad Rat and Chiko, Eric Omondi and Mendo who all left with smiles.

Bryan White is now starting to prove the uptown audience as well, its now 6 months and it is still raining money in his empire.


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