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Photos: Bishop Arnold Muwonge of NDE Network set to donate to the East



By Stuart G-Khast

Wakiso based NDE Network spearheadrd by founder Arnold Muwonge is set to travel far East in Uganda to donate covid-19 relief food items and also financial aid. Amomg the items to donate are Posho, Rice, Soap, Sugar, Milk, Beans, Cooking oil amomg many other items.

NDE Network has since the start of the pandemic been handy donating relief items to people around Uganda and Eastern Uganda will be the latest beneficiaries.

About NDE Network

NDE Network was founded in 2005, the foundation of the Centre is to ‘give the best to the least’ – restoring the lives of abandoned and forgotten children. Desperate poverty claims the lives of thousands living in city slums. They care for children of all ages, from newborn to 18 years. They are located in the stable region of Wakiso, just outside Kampala, the capital of Uganda.

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