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Photos: Arapex Adhesive tiles blesses Kayunga’s Jemba



By Reporter

Arapex tile adhesive through it spokesperson Tadius Katumba have brought a another smile onto a one popular Jemba with a donation of 80 bags of tile and 30 bags of adhesive to complete his house,

Arapex Tile Adhesive is the best recommended tile cement in Uganda today and you can find it in all hardware stores across the country

Mr Jemba came to lime light a few weeks ago with his unique voluntary profession  of making announcements in vigils,

Like a saying,every dog has its day,Mr Jemba will surely live to remember these days coz his emergency on social media scene ,several opportunities have presented the selves to him,with the latest being this generous offer from Arapex Tile Adhesive,Mr Jemba says he started constracting his house during his youthful days but Up to now he had been struggling to complete it,he confirms that living in a tiled house was the least of his dreams as he’s sure he cud never have afforded them,but after this offer he cud hardly hide the excitement in his heart.“These moments have taught me to never give up as long as you still have life” he conclusively stated.

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