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Philanthropist Achai Wiir brings South Sudan peace talks to Uganda through concert



By Staff Writer

South Sudanese business woman and philanthropist Achai Wiir has not given up on her efforts to reconcile South Sudan as a country. The South Sudanese tycoon and business woman has made all efforts and the latest was with a “Together for peace” concert that ahe organised at former Didis world in Kansanga.

Last Friday 17th of January 2019 ‘Together for Peace’ concert took place at the Wonderworld Auditorium and entrance was absolutely free for all. The event was attended by various dignitaries, including Hon. Simon Duku Michael, Ambassador of South Sudan to Uganda who was the Guest of Honor, Lt. Gen Garang Mabil, the chief guest, Brig. Gen. Majier Abdalla Mabior, 1st Counselor and Technical Attaché to South Sudan embassy in Uganda and many more peace delegates from South Sudan. 

The event pulled some of the South Sudane community in Uganda which was the sole aim to unite them as countymen. Ugandans were also not left behind as they too engaged to participate and also have fun on the night.

South Sudanese artists who were fully in attendance also provided memorable performances for the crowd. Legendary, Emmanuel Kembe, John Kudusay, Duop Pur Duop, Silver X, Johnson Jok just to mention a few.

The concert brought a platform for the community to talk about the ongoing peace processes and what everyone can contribute. Several were given an opportunity to express their concerns, appreciations and gratitude, suggestions and general opinions on current matters of peace in the country. 

Here are some moments:

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