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Pen and paper: Kats, Fille back to working terms



By Stuart G-Khast

We reliably can reveal MC Kats is back to working terms with singer Fille who also doubles as the mother of his last born. This was confirmed as the two were recently shooting one of their latest projects together and seems to be in very good moods.

Our suspicions were confirmed when we approached Kats and he confirmed they indeed were back together. “Fille is my friend and baby Mama and we both love music. We have a lot in common and that cannot be ignored” MC Kats told the website.

He furthet revealed the pair was working on an 8 track album called FILLE UNLIMITED and that they were planning a concert some time next year.

What goes round come round, MC Kats cannot go far from his love.

Kats n Fille Bck to work tog

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