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Patrick Bitature Discourages Youth from Joining TELEXFREE



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By Our Financial Reporter

He is ranked by Forbes as the second richest Ugandan, just following closely after Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia. Because of this rank and his reputation as an entrepreneur, he’s a respected voice on many issues. It’s no wonder the youth asked for Patrick Bitature’s comment on TELEXFREE.

TELEXFREE was last week banned in Rwanda with Uganda expected to follow since they are in the same trade block of EAC. Over time, many Uganda youth have been rushing to join TELEXFREE and here’s what Patrick Bitature says about it:

G’morn fans.i’ve been approached by numerous youth to interest me in a binary financial pyramid scheme dubbed ‘telexfree.’ i’m also informed that some people are marketing it stating I’m involved in it. This is a get rich quick scheme like a ponzie or pyramids scheme and is simply not sustainable. ….too add I can’t be involved in such short term gains investment opportunities.i once again encourage the youth to look at establishing good standing businesses that will last generations. Growing slowly maybe frustrating but wealth creation is a patience game and those who understand it earlier won’t regret it.I thank you all.”

Now it’s up to you the youth to join or not….. much luck.

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