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Pastor Kiwedde Gets 2-Year Sentence In Jail



kiweddeControversial Pastor William Muwanguzi (Kiwedde) has been sentenced by Rakai magistrate Susan Awiri to two years in jail. He was found guilty of impersonation and attempted escape from prison.

Kiwedde was arrested together with Julius Mukisa last month for posing as Catholic priests with intentions of conning unsuspecting Christians in Rakai of their money. Muwanguzi had made various radio announcements and published posters inviting Christians with various problems for a three days charismatic renewal prayer service at Nabisere Hotel in Kalisizo Town Council.

According to the announcements, Pastor Muwanguzi claimed that would heal HIV/AIDs, cancer, epilepsy, blindness, barrenness and also help people overcome poverty.

More than 50 people from different denominations turned up for the healing service. However, the pastor laid out a standard procedure that people with simple problems pay 5000 and 30,000 shillings while those with bigger problems would pay more for the healing prayer. Catholics in the area became suspicious of Kiwedde and his colleagues and immediately notified the priest at Matale parish. As a result, Rev. Fr. Adrian Ssemwanga, the Matala Parish Priest tipped off the Police, leading to the arrest of Muwanguzi and Mukisa.


Story by Sunday Vision. Visit their page here: https://www.facebook.com/thesundayvision

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