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Pastor Kayanja didn’t pay me to get saved – Ronald Mayinja



BigEyeUg Team

Local singer, Ronald Mayinja, on Sunday decided to give his life to the lord at Pastor Robert Kayaanja’s Miracle Center church.

Since then the singer has not had peace with fans and general public asking questions as to whether he was paid to say that he had become born again.

This was the same case months ago when Leone Island’s Chameleone visited the church and gave testimony before the congregation. The next day, gossip was making rounds that he had been paid to do what he did.

Pastor Rober Kayanja and Ronald Mayinja after the musician received salvation.s

Unlike Jose Chameleone, Ronald Mayinja has not taken this lightly and is very furious with people asking him about his salvation.

Speaking in a phone convo, the singer said; ‘My Salvation is for me and God not for even my fans. It is not the business of Ugandans. Even you your salvatoion is about you and your god. I don’t have to explain myself to anyone. The Pastor didnt give me any money. I am the one who went to him. Whatever people are saying is their own opinion but I can tell you that it is not true. Who paid them to be part of their religion?’

Ronald Mayinja told us after the meeting with Pastor that he had been given a chance to grow in salvation with the pastors guidance and assistance. We will keep you posted.


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