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Pallaso shoots back at his brother Weasel



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pallaso weasel uganda

By Edwin Junior

The Mayanja brothers, Weasel and Pallaso have been at loggerheads following the disintegration of the Goodlyfe crew. The two have incessantly taken jibes at each other.

Just recently, when the dynamic duo of Radio and Weasel premiered the smash hit “Neera” on local TV, they also used the opportunity to trash their rivals (read Team No Sleep).

They used derisive words which seemingly did not sit well with Pallaso, one of the members of Team No Sleep, who has now decided to fire back. He allegorically wrote on his time line:

“Dear Weasel Seguya Douglas Mayanja !! The last person that called people Rats was libyan leader Gadaffi the once declared untouchable right before his departure !!! And there are little kids that watch the TV more especially The Beat show that is on during the day & they look up to you guys as their Idols. I know People forget too quick more especially when they get a bit of money but a strong word of wisdom goes out to every body that has the right head on they shoulders !! Never call any Son, Daughter, Friend, Father, Mother, Brother, Uncle and any other human being a RAT !! I know you more than any body around you does or more than you pretend to be Mukulu wange. I hope this message reaches you in time!! Your Loving Brother PALLASO Pius Mayanja !!”

Pallaso who had been on a sojourn in the US has not been well received, despite releasing a couple of hit songs. His return has been marred brutal fights, and several people seem to think he’s one to blame.

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