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Pallaso and Sheebah start living in same house.




Team No Sleep singers, Sheebah and Pallaso have finally moved in together according to sources.

The two singers who have been rumoured to be a in a relationship despite their other ties to other partners, are allegedly living as man and wife in their new rented flat in Makindye, Kampala.

Neighbors say that they see the two ‘Go down low’ stars coming in together every day and sometimes leave hand in hand when they go for evening shows. Although they are not sure whether they all contribute to the rent, or if it’s only Pallaso who is paying, they are certain that the two musicians are living together.

Sheebah lived at Neverland while she had not yet joined TNS. When she joined and broke away from the Weasel camp, she left Neverland ranch- their official home.

Pallaso and Sheebah have always denied being in a relationship and fronted the fact that they are nothing more than music partners.
This comes as a shocker for many given that Sheebah Karungi had been liked to her manager Jeff Kiwa in the recent past, while Pallaso a father of two children left his Asian-American wife in Boston early this year when he returned to Uganda to further his music career.

We will keep you posted.

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