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Pallaso returns home to heroic welcome



By Reporter

Ugandan celebrated singer Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso yesterday returned he after weeks in South Africa where he went to perform on Valentine’s day and suffered a beating from a said xenophobic group. A seemingly happier Pallaso said “To the South Africans who beat me, I forgive you. I have scars on my heart, on my mind and in my body. I will make the ‘baby step’ towards change in Africa.”

Pallaso was picked by a convoy at the airport and drove woth it to the city ventre before heading to Kamwokya at Sky Lounge where he addressed press. Pallaso returned with Goodwill Malinga better known by his stage name Dr Malinga, South Africa record producer and musician as well as Music Executive, Thomani Mawarela. the two recorded a song aimed at spreading love, unity and forgiveness among us Africans.

The duo are headed to Uganda to promote the song and show that we are together as one and no hate can bring Africa down.

“The attack on Pallaso was not necessary and I would not want it to happen to another person. We don’t have to hate each other, instead lets support each other in all areas. We are Africans,” said Dr. Malinga.

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