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Pallaso left Team No Sleep because of AK47’s death, he just couldn’t handle it without him.



L-R: Pallaso, Sheebah and AK47(R.I.P)

L-R: Pallaso, Sheebah and AK47(R.I.P)

By BigEyeUg Reporter

Details about why Pallaso called it quits at his former music camp, Team No Sleep, have emerged. News on our desks indicates that the ‘Wekoledewo Kaki’ singer left the music group the day he lost his brother under unclear circumstances.

We are told that AK47 (rip) was the joint of the music crew. Much as Pallaso identified most with his female singing counterpart of the crew, Sheebah, he was actually closer to his deceased brother. The singer is said to have been ‘undressed’ when AK47 died at Dejavu bar in Kabalagala.

“He had no one left by his side, Sheebah became close to the manager. At the same time, Pallaso couldn’t stay in Team No Sleep and still work with Chameleone because the latter is a sworn enemy of Jeff. His only choice was to either go and join Chameleone his brother, or go join Weasel his other brother or even start his own crew,” the source said. Pallaso has now decided to work with his own crew.

Although it has taken Pallaso over two months to make his decision to leave Team No Sleep singer public, our highly placed sources say that it was an imminent course of action. Pallaso however says that he has left the group to start his own music crew because of very painful reasons that he cannot divulge.

“Today marks exactly the first day that I’m officially out of Team No Sleep. It is a very painful decision but I have finally decided to move on. The reasons are so painful but I will give them later when I feel more comfortable but now on My New camp is called Team Good Music | Bullet Proof Soldiers I will soon be telling you who my new manager is very shortly as well and all the artists I will be working with,” he said.

We are also told that Pallaso’s new crew has a connection to Chameleone’s Leone Island.

We will keep you posted.

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