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Pallaso and Sheebah finally kiss and make up, admit they love each other.



Pallaso and Sheebah

Musicians Pallaso and Sheebah Karungi have finally kissed and made up, admitting their love for each other in the process. The road to reconciliation started after Pallaso swallowed his pride and knelt on his knees and asked Sheebah to forgive him. To show the earnestness in his actions, Pallaso went ahead and vowed never to do any more songs spreading hatred, and further shelved his diss song “Bagwamu” as well.

Sheebah who had claimed her single “Wantama” was never aimed at Pallaso, was moved by his actions and decided to bury the hatchet, tendering in her apology as well.

She said, “Pallaso I know me and you have come along way and you are a true friend who always had my back and it brings so much pain not only on your side alone but on mine as well when I have to record songs against you because when it comes to me and you it has always been nothing but love. I understand your grief, your young brother died at the hands of my manager Jeff Kiwa and he was my best friend as well but please let’s just let that go and create room for new beginnings. Past is past. You are such a great man and you contributed so much to who I am and I miss all the good times as well.”

Pallaso responded saying, “Sorry is always enough and fixes so many things. We together have changed Ugandan music to a new direction and generation and people have loved us and supported us. Either way, we all have different destinies and in the end each one of us will be weighed by his sole creations. Your message should set an example for so many others. That is the ones that were here before us and the ones that will come after us. The sorry has been taken and all in all personally I know you are a great person now let’s take Ugandan music forward.”

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