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Pallaso and Jeff Kiwa fight over Sheebah’s songs.



Pallaso and Sheebah

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By BigEyeUg Team

The music relationship of manager and singer between Jeff Kiwa and Pallaso may be over but the two are still holding onto eachother’s necks making it almost impossible for either of them to move on.

The latest that we have is that after Pallaso left Team No Sleep, Jeff was left with only Sheebah as his selling factor and he will do anything possible to make sure that he makes money off her and no one else does.

We have been told that Jeff is now involved in a fight with Pallaso over all music that Pallaso did with Sheebah.

Pallaso who has been performing some of the songs that he was involved in with Sheebah like Go down low and Mundogo, has been asked to stop performing them as he has no rights to the songs since he left Team No Sleep.

The singer has refused to heed to any threats from Jeff and has also decided to use one of the songs in the advert for his show that will take place at Freedom city on September 5th. This has angered Jeff so much to the extent of confronting him over Sheebah’s music.

Jeff has threatened to take Pallaso to court over Sheebah’s music if he doesn’t desist from using it. He says that he paid several talented writers to write the songs and so he has no right to use them. Pallaso insists that he and Sheebah made them hits and this gives him the right to use them. This movie is only starting.

We will keep you posted.

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