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Pallaso and Chameleone gang up against Kapalaga over show.



Pallaso and Chameleone on tour.

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Singing brothers Chameleone and Pallaso have threatened to thump fellow musician and radio personality Kapalaga for not withdrawing his concert slated for 5th September, 2015.

The show will take place at Satellite beach, Mukono on the same day that Pallaso will be having his concert at Colline hotel in Mukono, a stone’s throw away from Kapalaga’s event.

A fracas broke out when the two asked Kapalaga to withdraw his show and he refused. According to him, he booked the date first and no one can make him change, not even Pallaso’s big brother, Chameleone.

Speaking to one of the entertainment critics, a one James Propa, had this to say; “This is not about having two concerts in the same area because we have seen this before. People in Mukono can come from Jinja and Kampala so both artistes can get fans. It is time Chameleone grew up and stopped threatening people because the last time he beat up someone was in 2011 for this case, there is no reason for Kapalaga to get scared.”

He added; “Kapalaga being a media person, he has all the favour from the media in comparison to Pallaso. So, for this case I feel that he will pull a bigger crowd and this is what makes Chameleone and Pallaso scared.”

Chameleone being Pallaso’s mentor and role model and brother, he had to get involved in the fracas. He of course joined in favour of his brother Pallaso. This is exactly what anybody else would do.

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