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Kaymu cocktails

Imagine you are sitting in a bar or restaurant with your best friends and you just all pull out your smartphones from your bags, pockets and start looking through the cocktail menu. You each go through the list until you choose your favorite one and with 1, 2 clicks you place your order with your table number as a comment. Then, after a few minutes… Voila, the waiter is standing next to you with your delicious drinks. All you have to do now is pay 15K for each cocktail. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

You save a lot of time waiting by just using the most convenient technology. Most of you are surfing on their phones 24 hours a day anyway, so why save more time and just order your drinks online while you are sitting in your favorite bar.

Kaymu makes that possible every Thursday at Tamarai Thai Restaurant from 4 pm until 9 pm and every Friday at Big Mike’s from 5pm until 9pm. Come and join the Kaymu Team tomorrow for the second edition of “Kaymu Happy Hour at Tamarai”.

The Staff will help you place your order, will give you access to free Wi-Fi and will be available for anything you need. And if you haven’t had enough or if you can’t make it tomorrow, join us this Friday at Big Mike’s.

These events are also an amazing networking opportunity to meet and connect with new people.

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