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OPINION: For I Have Contributed To The Change That I Always Wanted For The Ugandan Music Industry; Thank You God




D’zyre Derekford Mugumisa Ow’aRukungiri

A few years ago, I got crazy about Ugandan Music; all I wanted to know about was what was happening with the Ugandan artists, which songs they were releasing, what motives they were up to, why they were “beefing”, and all that. This was around the time when all my boys, I think, found me rather local, because what they wanted to know about was nowhere close to what I wanted! Bryan was all about Jay Z, Alvin about all the new ish coming outta YMCMB and the likes, and Joash, hehe, Pepe Kale and all those chaps that have their music played on Radio One… but that right there is a story for another day.

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All through that time, I resorted to hanging out at places where Ugandan music was played, and my favorite hangout was “Blue Haze” on Thursday nights when most of my buddies actually came out for the Rock Nights at neighboring Steak-Out. I got robbed almost every other Thursday I was there, but couldn’t stop coming because finally, I felt I had found a place where I belonged. Met people there that could actually talk #UGMusic, enjoy the banter and go to hostel, then, a happy chap, even when I had lost a wallet, or phone, or at times, both!


Every day of those days, I hoped I would have the opportunity to move on from my then, youth TV show, “Prime Club” on UBCTV, to a show where I could just showcase Ugandan Music my way. A show where Ugandans could be sold to the nicer ish they weren’t exactly getting from the “Ugandan Music TV Shows” then. That opportunity was nowhere. The music shows at UBCTV were done by my now “Big Bro” in the TV industry, Calvin The Entertainer, who’d just started out on “The Groove Mix” & “Saturday Horizon Vibe”, and my boy, Richard “Monkey” Tuwangye on “The Beat”.


When Star Television was in the process of being started, I saw my opportunity to step out and show I could do this. The people at the station, by then, knew D’zyre as the “Prime Club” kid who couldn’t even utter a word in Luganda, yet I felt I needed to break that boundary. At the time, all I wanted to do was do what I loved, deliver Urban Ugandan Music to the masses, which in all honesty, didn’t feel like the right platform(Star TV), but I wanted to try all the same.


Mr. Eddy Khan, who was at that time going to be in charge of music shows on the station, reluctantly gave me the opportunity to shoot him a demo, which I did at The National Theater, a demo that he loved so much that it turned out to be the very first episode of “Digida”. I am very grateful to this guy for he provided me with what I wanted, the freedom to express myself! The idea caught the eye of two guys at work, Michael Balaba and Ivan Ntate, who loved the direction the show was taking, and came on board as Video Editor and Graphics Editor/ Director respectively.


Week by week, “Digida”, which aired on the same day and time-frame as the then overly popular “Late Show” by Straka, became more and more popular. I became a trend-setter, I can gladly say “Digida” was the first show to have all those flossy graphics, was the first show to ditch phone-calls and text messages and go all out Facebook, all these moves that people around me felt were huge risks. Even more risky, was the fact that I didn’t have a single kadongo-kamu, band-music track on my play list! I could safely say I was the first to play an Enygma video on Luganda TV. Seeing Navio and Keko by then on a Luganda Video show was unheard of, yet I did it, probably for the first time, and slowly, the trend picked.


All these of course rubbed some people the wrong way, some of them my superiors, who just never understood why their favorite Kadongo Kamu jams couldn’t be played on the show, to which I always asked them back, “If a Rabadaba song can’t be played on a Kadongo-Kamu show, why must a Kadongo-Kamu song be played on a show that’s playing Rabadaba’s music?” Ofcourse the question offended them, rather than them seeing the point, so one thing led to another, and I decided to let them “have the show”, I quit, and as those who knew it then would tell you, it went down the trenches, even when it’s still on air. You can take someone’s creation thinking you can make it better, but there is an 85% chance you won’t raise the bar further. What they did was have it do something close to “The Late Show”, and very quickly, the beautiful idea died a natural death.


My next opportunity came when I got a chance to work with Magic100FM. I built a Friday Night radio party concept, which had me work  with a one DJ Janny P, with majorly Ugandan tunes playing, had a slow start due to the massive competition we had, but slowly picked up, and “The Friday Jam Cruise”, as we called it, became somewhat a show people would look forward to, but I was not to last on that one, as by the time Friday night came, I would many a Friday night be exhausted, as I was doing a breakfast TV Show on UBCTV, Good Morning Uganda.


The re-branding of Magic100FM came just in time! It came at a time when I felt the kind of TV I was doing was not what I wanted, there was simply no Ugandan Music on their, the audience I was catering too wasn’t exactly my target, my motivation was at an all-time low, so I took on the opportunity to do The Magic Breakfast on Magic100FM instead. I quit TV for Radio! And at this moment, I feel that’s one of the best decisions I ever made!

This came with the opportunity to do the station’s countdown, The Magic Top 20 Countdown. I took the opportunity, with a condition that it will be an all Ugandan countdown, a condition that the then manager, felt was okay for as long as I could deliver, though a couple of my colleagues visibly had doubts how that would work out! 8 months down the road, and here we are, one of the most listened to top and fair countdowns in the land, promoting Ugandan talent the most! Most awesome bit about it is that it has never been dominated by name and weight of an artist, music quality has always had its say!


Somewhere around May, 2013, I got the opportunity to move a step forward with my Ugandan Music dream, and that was by being in a position to propose a move to have Urban Ugandan Music as the most played music on the station, with a 50% air-share. Some of my colleagues did not believe in the fact that it could actually work, took a little bit of convincing, and with the success of my “Magic Twenty20 Countdown” there for everyone to see, we decided to give it a try! The response from artists was massive, music got dropped, and the motive has actually helped to grow the Magic100FM brand in heaps and bounds!


I am also grateful for at the beginning of the year, I was called up to join the production crew of the now-airing One Mic Show, a show solely dedicated to Urban UG Hip-Hop.


With all this going on, I can only thank God for affording me the opportunity to personally bring the change I always wished for with the Ugandan Music Industry. #TeamUGMusic  Stand Up!!!


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3 Reasons why the blame on Martha Kay and other women whose nudes leak is misdirected



Martha Kay

By Bash Mutumba

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In recent times, nothing excites Ugandans more than a leak of raunchy content; mostly the kind that involves a public figure. After the men recreationally finish the soap in their bathrooms, and the women envying and/or judging their fellow women’s bodies, the next step is usually to blame the victims of how irresponsible they are for letting their nudes leak, and often go on and on blaming them for taking these photos and/or videos in the first place. I’ll tell you why this blame is misdirected.

1. They don’t leak them themselves

In all honesty, of all the nudes and sextapes that leak, the ones that ask for them – who are also the only intended consumers – are usually the romantic partners, and it is very absurd that the blame is never laid on these particular individuals. The guy who leaked Zari’s video never paid for his sins, Desire Luzinda’s Nigerian lover was sure nothing would be done to him, Anita Fabiola’s offender too was never brought to book. Same applies to Judith Heard and now Martha Kay.

2. They are the victims

It is rather clear that cyber bullying isn’t something to joke about, as we have all witnessed friends and family succumb to depression after episodes of being bullied on social media. The best that can be done for such people is to show them they are loved, regardless of the betrayal they have faced at the hands of those they loved and trusted. Making fun, and threats of legal action and jail, aren’t the best words to tell to someone in a situation of being prone to mental health issues.

3. Ugandans should have rights to privacy

The whole essence of having mobile phones is privacy. They are not shared like landlines or pay phones, and the passwords therein, are ultimately to that effect. Ideally, every Ugandan should be able to take photos that empower them, without fearing that someone will encroach on their privacy.

I personally felt so sad when various people created fake pages in the name of Martha Kay just to get followers riding on her sorrow. It is needless to say, that we should spread love, not hate.

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Finally, Development Channel boss writes to President Museveni



My name is Charles N. Lambert and I represent the global Pan-African quest for economic independence through an umbrella known as the “United Citizens of Africa” (UCA). I lead a strong army of over 500,000 subscribed believers in our cause of demanding Africa’s economic independence and the end of gross poverty in our continent. I have passionate followers in countless countries including but not limited to hundreds of thousands in Nigeria, thousands in Kenya, South Sudan, Senegal, Ethiopia, Ghana, Cameroon, Uganda, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. I can boldly say that I REPRESENT the present day Pan-Africanism in regards to the pursuit of economic independence for Africa, a thing we believe is expedient.

In case you have not observed Mr. President, you are the last remaining single individual in all of Africa’s 1.3billion people that has the foundation, the understanding and the experience regarding Pan-Africanism. We don’t just need you, we have travelled thousands of miles to Uganda just to find you and rest our pursuit on the grace of our ancestors which you have carried tirelessly for decades. YOU are the only reason why the base of our efforts has been set in Uganda because as the scriptures say “If the foundation be destroyed, what shall the righteous do?” Hence by default, you have no option than to embrace the fact that you are OUR LEADER and one which we MUST work with to fulfill the aspirations of our fathers who fought to set our various nations free from colonial oppression and begin a blue print towards our development as a people.

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As you have narrated in the Mustard Seed, the economic pursuit of independence for Africa was to follow the political one but somewhere along the lines, something went missing. Your excellency Sir, we have gathered that which went missing and have the most comprehensive, robust, proven, pragmatic and sustainable platform consisting of 25 companies and backed up with unbelievable ideological followership that is guaranteed to crush anyone who stands in opposition to the cause. There is nothing that is remotely as comprehensive as what we possess in UCA and we have NO MATCH in leadership contention for the pan-African economic liberation movement be it with NGOS, governments, international agencies or private businesses- we are designed to LEAD EVERYONE. There is nothing that will belittle us as referring to us as just another investor in Uganda.

Your Excellency, our movement will practically and permanently ERASE all your nightmares as a leader. Scriptures says “Write the vision and make it plain upon tables that THEY MAY RUN THAT READS IT….” As you can see from the scripture, you have been writing, articulating, making it plain YET no one has bothered to RUN with that which you have written. There is a massive, irreparable disconnect between your ideals and the people to execute them which is most evident that despite the peace, the enabling environment and the countless ideas you give, Uganda was listed three weeks ago as the 3rd poorest country in the world by GDP. I do not believe you want to use another 30 years to discover that you MUST look at unprecedented platforms such as ours to serve Ugandans and Africans at large. The present statuesque does not work and the same people are telling the masses that YOU are responsible for unemployment, poor housing and gross poverty in the land when in actuality the reverse is the case.

We are about to move into the next steps of our Pan-African economic liberation movement and we are setting up a phone manufacturing plant in YOUR VILLAGE (Rushere, Rwakitura municipality, kiruhura district) by November 2018 and it will be the first place in all of Africa where mobile devices and IT products are made. This is an honor our movement has bestowed on you because you have stood for more than 50 years on the same ideals we now represent especially in regards to your position on “… benefiting foreign economies to the detriment of the local people” (Economic War proposed by you-President Yoweri Museveni in the 10Point Program). In all intentions and purposes, you are our father, my father. This is why we have set up the first tool for our first of 25 battles in your hometown and have vowed to foster your legacy to ALL of Africa so as to receive and maintain the grace of all the fathers of Pan-Africanism long dead.

In continuation of our commitment to Uganda BECAUSE OF YOU AND THE GRACE OF OUR ANCESTORS IN PAN-AFRICANSIM WHICH YOU CARRY, We are also set to establish a car manufacturing plant in Jinja, food processing in Gulu (I am excited to turn your value addition theory on coffee to living reality), a women empowerment oil and gas corporation in Masindi, a home construction institute in Soroti, the Black wall Street in Kampala, an e-commerce processing in Nakasongola, and so much more. I can guarantee you that given your support from this month of September 2018, that by January 2019, over 1 million jobs will be available in Uganda for the Youth with work assimilation training provided and wages exceeding your middle income projections for the country. Your Excellency, we can ERASE unemployment in Uganda in a twinkle of an eye given your support.

Your Excellency, it was you and NOT my humble self that called for a combination of “capitalistic and socialist ideals” in the building of the nation. We responded to your own ideas in our “Our child support program for Uganda” yet because you are not yet publicly on board with what we are doing, we have been oppressed by members of your own government, called various names including scam by your own police and harassed without mercy by your own government’s media (New Vision Group). This is the same program that is bound to give you countless international awards and recognition for the country! Your Excellency, we are tired of seeing our best intentions destroyed because of your silence towards our movement which the Ugandan people unfortunately do not have the slightest understanding about.

You cannot afford to leave us defenseless anymore among very uninformed and highly ignorant public as too much will be lost in the process including our planned Job seekers allowance for job seekers and the various other initiatives unheard of by any other country in the history of Africa. In summary, history is unfolding through our presence in Uganda to tap into your grace and we are employing you to embrace our platform, stand on it and lead Africa to economic independence through us. We are formidable, dependable and ruthless in efficiency.

Finally, just like the political independence was finally attained, we will attain economic independence for Africa and permanently delete our identity with poverty and death.

May God bless and keep you.

May God bless and keep Africa.

Your Ideological Son,

Charles N. Lambert

Founder & Chairman

United Citizens of Africa (UCA)

Development Channel (DC)

Great Uganda Initiative (GUI)

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Opinion: If 1% of Uganda’s Population Started Mining Bitcoin, UEGCL Would Have To Construct A New Dam Every 2 Months




By Ian Ortega

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It is now clear that there is no escaping the Bitcoin revolution. Bitcoin is here to stay, and so is Blockchain, the technology upon which Bitcoin runs. Yet even more scary is the power consumption that is used up in the Bitcoin mining process.

An individual bitcoin transaction is estimated to use up 300kwh of electricity, an equivalent of boiling over 30,000 kettles of water.

Current global Bitcoin energy usage is 0.13 percent of the world’s electricity consumption. According to Joel Bellenson, at Bitcoin’s current growth rate of 30% per month, Bitcoin mining energy consumption will exceed global solar energy production before the next Christmas. “It will take 25 months until Bitcoin mining completely eradicates human civilisation,” he notes. “25 months at current bitcoin mining energy growth rate of 30% per month before mining exceeds 100% of all the electricity on the planet.”

The bitcoin users are estimated to be peaking towards 18 million, as per those with a Bitcoin wallet. As per UETCL records, “Uganda’s peak power system demand currently stands at 500 MW against an installed generation capacity of 851.53MW.”

This implies, that if 1% of Uganda’s population were to start mining bitcoin, UEGCL would have to construct a new dam with the same capacity of Karuma every 2 months. And this should be a very scary thought for the Electricity bodies as Bitcoin could prove to be a bigger threat to energy usage than anything.

But is UEGCL prepared for such an eventuality? Would it cope if Bitcoin mining and transactions became the order of the day in the country? Probably this may not happen. And we could see a country coming to a total standstill. The country then may surely need to open up conversations about Bitcoin and Blockchain.

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