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NTV Uganda’s Teens Presenter Pictured Nude.



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kleith kyatuhaire1Teens today are evolving into something parents have failed to fathom. The latest on our desk is that NTV Uganda’s  Kleith Kyatuhaire who presents the Teens show also has nude photos.

It all started with a phone call to Kleith. The caller purported to have nude images of the presenter. He even went ahead to demand for 3 million shillings so that he couldn’t publish the photos and instead had them over to the talented presenter.

Kleith was angry at the caller, she reported the matter to police.  “At Wandegeya police station with guys who have been claiming to have nude pictures of me…they wanted 3 million shillings to give them to me.” Said the Commercial Model, Fashionsta, Mcee and TV presenter on the best teens TV show in Uganda (T NATION) on NTV.

Con men who wanted to extort money from Kleith at Wandegeya police station.

Con men who wanted to extort money from Kleith at Wandegeya police station.

It has become a habit in Uganda for teens and the youth to post photos of their naked bodies online. One of Kleith’s friends went out of his way to warn all young ladies to desist from taking such photos of themselves to avoid embarrassment. “This time you got them but, if you ever took nude pictures please my dear ladies keep them very safe even laptop can’t hide them except encryption and remember never to store them via mails its vulnerable. Don’t ever expose your nude pictures you wont be safe.” Zubair advised.

Police has apprehended the criminals and they are now behind bars. Kleith is also safe.

We will keep you posted on any developments on this story.

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