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Nsindika Njake Show finalists battle for UGX 60 Million grand prize with big business ideas



Nsindika Njake show

By Our Reporter

The four finalists in MTN’s Nsindika Njake entrepreneurship show pitched intriguing business ideas focusing on winning the up-for-grabs 60 million shillings.

Jovan Kagezi presented about a charcoal stove connected to a chimney and a biogas source providing clean cooking energy to the end-users. Kagezi added that his business makes charcoal briquettes at affordable prices targeting households, schools, restaurants and hotels. He described his business as the best for any cook.

Shakirah Nassejje’s idea revolved around a tailoring business making bags, clothes and also skilling persons with disabilities. Nassejje assured the judges that her business could record sky-high profits once it upgraded to digital tailoring with industrial-grade electric machines using the 60 million grand cash prize.

On his part, Joseph Kwesiga, a juice manufacturer said once he gets the 60 million shillings, he is ready to buy resourceful-land worth 10 million in Luwero district, where he can plant and harvest sugarcanes and more ingredients needed for juice making.

The wise jury advised Kwesiga to keep be mindful of his farming prospects as it could be risky if he had no prior experience in farming. They rather advised him to concentrate on meeting the quality standards of juice manufacturing instead.

David Kasaali, calmly presented about his groundnuts business, listing the different kinds enjoyed by customers like seeds, ground nut paste commonly known as Odi, pounded groundnuts and more. He noted that he supplies high-quality products to schools, restaurants and hotels.

Kasaali emphasized that he hoped to invest the 60 million to buy land and machines needed to grow and multiply his business.

Leilah Ndagire, Business Coach, advised Kasaali to mind the packaging and brand identity for his products. She applauded him for smartly presenting his idea.

Ruth Biyinzika, thanked MTN and all partners for the evolution of empowering youths with entrepreneurship skills rescuing them from poverty.

“I want to thank MTN for funding this initiative and partners that have ably made this a success. A number of young people don’t have hope and see no future. Nsindika Njake has made many Ugandans see who they can be in so many years to come,” said Biyinzika.

Both Leila Ndagire and Issa Sekito, said this project has enabled the youth to do what they love and now they are to get investors, opportunities and have imparted knowledge to the viewers out there.

The viewers have been given chance to vote for the best presenter in this episode. The voting process began on 17th/06/2022 and people are easily dialing *170*70# or www.mtn.co.ug/vote. The People’s Choice Winner will win UGX 5,000,000.

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