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Nothing hurt me as much as being at loggerheads with artistes I had seen grow and even worse my own brother, Chameleone narrates how he met Moze Radio.



Following the untimely fall of the legendary singer Moze Radio, a very grieved Jose Chameleone has taken us back to how he met the Angel voiced singer, how they fell out and mended their relationship. Chameleone known for mentoring multiple talents that with no doubt include Radio has narrated to us on how he met and became Radio’s biggest fan.

“I met the late Radio through my then crew member Chagga who was now his manager. I was at Resort beach where I had a show and Chagga showed me Radio. Chagga backed Radio so much asking I allow him to start working with us. I asked Radio to sing for me and he sang his Jenifer song. Because it was in English I asked he joins the Ngoni because his style was similar to theirs.” Chameleone told us. He continued, “He insisted he wanted to join Leone Island and it is at this point he sang another Luganda song I don’t remember. Radio worked with me for a full year before he could do his first song and because of his discipline I paid for his first studio time and that is when he did his first song.”


Chameleone narrated that after a couple of years radio felt he could start on his own and together with Weasel they broke away and started Goodlyfe. “We were at loggerheads for a long time but our differences were childish. Mainly it was about respect.”

“One day Radio came to me and amongst so much discussed we reconciled and worked together again. The day I reconciled with Radio and Weasel I felt I had life again. Nothing hurt me as much as being at loggerheads with artistes I had seen grow and even worse, my brother.”

“It is a good thing that we were in good terms by the time Radio died, it gives me peace.” A sobbing Chameleone concluded.


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