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New star singer Mudra snubbs Buzz Teens Awards



By Reporter

When you think he should be favourite for his category after 2 years of making it to too charts, singer Mudra has declined to getting any nod at the Buzz Teens awards that opened their nominations a day ago.

Mudra has for the past 2 years been a sensation with hits like Gwe Amanyi, Muyayu, Kimuli, among others have won him several fans and topped many charts.

Shockingly, Mudra has today expressed no desire to get nominated in the Buzz Teens Awards 2021 that were recently activated. Mudra got nominated for Teenz Hottest Songwriter category.

Mudra has however through gis social media platforms expressed that he wouldn’t want to be part of the awards. “I have been here only 2 years, I am not ready yet for any awards” he said.

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