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New shopping platform, 2Gule promising to ease purchasing goods from abroad




By Our Reporter

Have you ever tried to shop online from let’s say Amazon, or eBay for your favorite products and found out that the sites don’t ship to Uganda? It is frustrating.

Shopping from abroad usually involves a lot of red-tapism and this often discourages many from purchasing the things they love, when they want them. Instead they resort to sending friends, family and colleagues that often travel.

With 2Gule, an online shopping platform, that headache of buying goods from aboard could be over. The new platform is promising a cheap, fast, and reliable way to shop from your best international store(s) and have the goods shipped in with a click of a button.

2GULE is here to help you buy what you want, when you want, at the best price and have it delivered straight to you.  They will help you get what you want from the USA, UK or Canada as well as getting around shipping restrictions.

How 2Gule works

When an online retailer doesn’t ship to your country, just use 2GULE.

All you have to do is go online & look for the products you want then visit the 2Gule socials (@2guleofficial) or website (www.2gule.com) & send a link to your product, or just a simple description of the items you want to buy from USA, UK & Canada.

Afterwards, they will send you a quotation with the total cost including; Cost of product, shipping costs & taxes on arrival. You will then be required to pay 60% of the total price after which they buy, ship & pay for your taxes on arrival. You can then pay the 40% after receiving your product from 2GULE.

They will email you as soon as your goods have arrived at their offices in the USA and you can then either choose to have them delivered to you when they get to Uganda, or pick them up from their office.

In the event that you already bought your goods OR have items still stuck in the USA/UK or Canada, they can still help you ship them into Uganda, pay the customs fees and have them delivered them safely to you. Fees range from $8 to $9 per pound of weight (includes shipping fees & tax on arrival).

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