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New & Next: Meet Usher Shubu, an alluring and fast rising model



By Seguya Musa

Over the years, the modeling industry in Uganda has been improving and growing to the next level. Credit goes to the outstanding models, designers as well as modeling agencies for their good work in moulding talent.

Usher Shubu, 24, is one of the most promising models we have in the game. Usher started his modeling at the age of 20 and has never looked back.

Usher Shubu

He is signed to Ivan Chris modeling Agency and has featured at a couple of fashion events like the recently concluded Urban African Fashion show.

He is a stylish and a fashionable model who does both runway and photography modeling, he has a muscular body which makes his job easier, and looking great in every outfit he chooses to show case.

“I grew up in a fashion loving family, and I was basically inspired by my brother who had passion for fashion and design who talked me into joining modeling,” Usher revealed to us.

Usher Shubu

Just like other careers, modeling also has challenges and according to him, being underrated and not taken as the a star by promoters has been his biggest challenge.

He also added that under payment and misinterpreted biography by media has been a problem as well as public’s wrong way of perceiving models as people who are not straight.

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