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New festival to celebrate Uganda’s cultural diversity launched



My Culture My Identity

By Our Reporter

Uganda is home to numerous tribes, with so many different languages spoken, which makes it diversely rich in culture and traditions.  And now a new festival wants to celebrate this diversity while also encouraging young people to embrace their Ugandaness in a fun-filled setting.

The festival dubbed “My Culture My Identity” will be celebrating and showcasing Uganda cultures and traditions through fashion, entertainment and cuisine in a big fete slated for Saturday, June 22nd at the Uganda Museum.

The festival is organised by Culture World, a local cultural and fashion house, in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism.

“We can not educate the young people about their cultures in a classroom setting so this is why we decided to infuse the festival with fashion and music so that it is more attractive to the young people,” Lavinia Tuhimbise, the CEO Culture World explained.

The event which kicks off mid-morning will feature several activities including a cultural exhibition where food, beverage and artifacts from different cultures will be showcased, and traditional games like mweso and kwepena which will keep revelers engaged throughout the day. There will also be a fashion showcase where renowned designers will showcase contemporary African styles. The festival will be crowned with a music performance from Afrigo Band.

Meanwhile, proceeds from the festival will go towards supporting the girl child through the Kaleke Kasome foundation, an NGO tackling sexual violence among young girls and helping keep victims in school.

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