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NBS After 5 Vs NTV The Beat Show, The TV Battle Turns Stiff



By Demo Riley

It has been made official today that two of Uganda’s TV house hold names Mc Kats and Douglas Lwanga have been paired to do the same AFTER 5 which Kats has been hosting alongside Deejay Rojer and Mercy.

Now this is going to be very interesting as people just cannot wait to see how this all thing transpire. On the other side however at Serena based station, NTV, The beat pulled in another entertainment power name ‘Dagy Nyce’ to face off with Kats and Lwanga for the same peak time TV slot.

Kats, Lwanga and Dagy Nyce are not strangers to each other as they have done and shared stage of countless concerts, shows and launches. This gives us the feeling they all are well aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. However, they have never really faced off doing different shows on different stations at the same time. Which makes this a whole different kind of interest to the viewers. So Sheila Gashumba and Dagy Nyce to fight for afternoon TV entertainment against Kats and Douglas Lwanga. Where will your remote control be.

We wait to see.

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