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Navio and Joanita Kawalya amaze on new song–Komawo Eka



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Navio 2

By Ian Nkera Ford

Navio just knows how to make things happen. While others dwell on the talk, he will keep the music coming from time to time. He has a penchant for quality and an insatiable thirst for greatness. And if breaking generational chains will help him unlock the password to greatness, he will absolutely take the plunge.

In another quest for greatness, the Klear Kut rapper sought the music counsel of the evergreen legendary songstress and Afrigo Band lead vocalist in the person of Joanita Kawalya. A very odd pairing from the onset with almost absolutely nothing in common but an interesting one at that. Questions like how did they meet will always loom but why get sucked up in debate yet we could have ourselves a listen. The song they do is titled “Komawo Eka”.

Not surprisingly, the mother-son bond is evident in the way the vocals are synced and you get to understand why Navio chose Joanita Kawalya to do the hook of the song. The message is basically about a mother making a plea to her famous son to return home and not forget his roots. An emotional song that sits on some excellent production from Aethan who crafts a beat that gifts the two artistes a chance to thrive in their respective styles.

While the song isn’t exactly your typical chartbuster, it goes on to affirm Navio’s claim as the leading hip hop artiste with the versatility he displays on this one and also reminds us of the talent that rocked Kampala in the 90’s with Joanita Kawalya crowning a beautiful song.


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