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Nambi Bremba to Mary Luswata: Kiss my A**



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Nambi Brenda

By Edwin Junior

Thanks to social media, no negative criticism goes unanswered these days. Local celebrities have been known to use social media, more commonly facebook, as a venting platform.

When Mary Luswata questioned Nambi Brenda’s singing abilities on her Scoop on Scoop show that airs on Urban TV, we were bound to see retaliation. Today, the singer cum fashion designer took to her facebook timeline to rant about Mary Luswata’s actions. In one of her posts she wrote;

“Am in studio nkola bibanyiza
With ProducerDidi Pro Bonfaya
#luswata Mary…sente zo ezzikuluma zijje muzange…am abig spender
Kati Genda wekwateyo omale okole ki???”

In a subsequent post, she uses the b-word to refer to Mary Luswata, posting;

“#luswata. ..u got something to say????
Say it to my face BIATCH!!!
Sorry I meant mi Azzzzzz…..
That is if u can. Idare u”

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